Taking a life in Alabama is one of the most serious crimes that come with some serious penalties.

Murder is considered a Class A felony that is equal to life in prison or the death penalty. Other types of homicide involve decades in prison. Corey will work his hardest to explore all the defenses available to your charge such as self defense, defense of others or crime of passion. If these defenses are not available, Corey will work towards reducing your charges and your potential sentence.

There are three common types of murder charges in Alabama:

  • Murder is the intentional taking of one’s life or causing death through gross recklessness.
  • Manslaughter is the taking of one’s life including when the perpetrator is acting reckless, or the murder is committed in a crime of passion.
  • Criminally negligent homicide is when a person was acting “criminally negligent.” For example, a person failing to stop a death from occurring could be seen as criminally negligent.

Some common defenses include self defense, defense of others, and crime of passion. Contact Corey now to discuss your case so he can discuss these defenses more in depth as it relates to your case.

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