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Andalusia Drug Crime Lawyer

Defending Clients Facing Drug Charges in the Enterprise & Atmore Area

In Alabama, drug-related offenses are harshly prosecuted and penalized. Even first-time offenders may face jail time and fines, as well as mandatory rehabilitation or community service. Repeat offenders and those accused of trafficking or drug manufacturing may face years or even decades in state prison, not to mention the burden of a felony conviction that will influence employment, financial, and educational opportunities for one’s entire life.

Andalusia drug crime attorney Corey D. Bryan recognizes the serious nature of a drug charge. As a criminal defense lawyer with 14 years of legal experience, he has a solid understanding of Alabama law as it applies to narcotics offenses and uses this knowledge to develop more effective defense strategies. If you’ve been arrested or accused of any drug-related offense, now is the time to contact our law office.

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Challenging Evidence in a Drug Case

Drug charges are typically built on physical evidence and witness testimony, and while the odds may seem stacked against you, it is important to remember that the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that a single piece of evidence, a single violation of your constitutional rights, or a single mistake made by an arresting officer could turn the case around – in your favor. Attorney Corey Bryan uses his skill as an Andalusia drug crime lawyer to meticulously analyze every aspect of each client’s case, finding that piece of evidence or information that can positive influence its result.

The following are potential game-changers in drug crime cases:

  • An illegal search that yielded drug evidence.
  • Mishandled evidence, or break in chain of evidence.
  • Testimony from an unreliable witness.
  • Lack of probable cause to make an arrest.
  • Lack of physical evidence of an illegal drug.
  • Mistaken identity in a police lineup.

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