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Have you been injured in an accident or in any situation where someone else was careless or negligent? Andalusia personal injury lawyer Corey D. Bryan can offer legal representation to help you pursue compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and possibly much more. This can make a significant difference in your ability to rebuild your life and move on.

Since 2004, Corey D. Bryan, Attorney at Law, LLC has been practicing in the Andalusia area. Our firm also takes on cases in Atmore, Enterprise, and the surrounding communities. With a strong commitment to helping others, we are here to represent victims and their families after auto accidents, truck accidents, boat accidents, and more.

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In the field of personal injury law, it is important to understand what negligence is and how it influences claims. To secure compensation from a person or company that has caused you harm, you will have the burden of proving that they were negligent in some way or otherwise liable for your injuries. This can be difficult, but with a thorough investigation and an intelligent, persuasive argument, your attorney can effectively maximize your recovery.

The following must be proven to establish liability in a personal injury case in Alabama:

  • The defendant (person or company you are filing suit against) had an obligation to act in a certain way. An example may be obeying traffic laws.
  • The defendant breached this obligation in some way. An example may be texting while driving.
  • You were injured, and the defendant’s breach caused your injuries. An example may be a car accident that caused severe whiplash or head trauma.

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